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◎ Our Aims
  We are dedicated to the appreciation, research, and protection of wild birds and their habitats. We aim to raise public awareness of nature conservation and draw people into cooperative efforts to protect the environment and ensure the survival and proliferation of wild birds.
◎ Founding of the WBST
  The Wild Bird Society of Taipei (WBST) is a non-governmental organization of people who share common interests in wild birds and their habitats. It was founded in 1973 as the “Taipei Wild Bird Watcher’s Group.” In September 1984, the group succeeded in officially registering as a nongovernmental organization, and hence was renamed the “Wild Bird Society of Taipei.” Over the years, the WBST with its dedicated members has conducted a wide variety of wild bird research, built a
comprehensive database of birds in Taiwan, and published related reports. In addition, as a pioneer of bird conservation work, we have also trained volunteers to be bird guides and promoted various birding activities. At present, WBST has about one thousand members, which makes it the largest nongovernmental ornithological organization in Taiwan.
◎ Future Prospects
  Looking toward the future, we hope to increase public awareness of nature conservation and hence make Taipei an cologically sustainable city in which natural life and urban life are perfectly merged.
  ▎Our Goals
  - To consolidate environmental education;
  - To manage nature parks and reserves;
  - To protect endangered wild birds in Taiwan.
  ▎Our Actions
  - To promote environmental education and training;
  - To organize committees to manage nature parks and reserves;
  - To conduct ornithological surveys in the Taipei area;
  - To publish Taipei ornithological reports, host ornithological conferences, and encourage research and survey groups.
Wild Bird Society of Taipei(WBST)
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