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■ Cooperative Interactions
  We have close connections with a large number of international bird conservation groups, such as BirdLife International, RSPB, BirdLife Asia, WWF, FLYWAY, WBSJ, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, and Chinese conservation groups.
■ Surveys and Research
▎Annual National and Worldwide
  Surveys of Bird Resources The WBST has rich human resources of volunteers.
Therefore, we have participated in a variety of national ornithological surveys, such as the “New Year Ornithological Survey”, “National Spring Bird Survey”, “Autumn Bird Survey”, “Bird Survey of Northern Taiwan”, “Worldwide Ornithological Surveys” and “Monitoring of Poultry’s Avian Flu” (commissioned by the Bureau of Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine).
▎Regional Surveys of Bird Resources
  Since the establishment of the first Taiwanese national park (Kenting National Park) in 1982, the WBST has been commissioned to conduct surveys and research in all national parks in Taiwan (e.g., Yushan, Yanmingshan, Taroko, Shei-Pa, etc.) In addition, we have also completed survey projects for the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology and Wazhiwei Mangrove Reserve in Taipei County. Since 2002, under the commission of the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan, we have conducted research on the “Possibility of Sea Bird Tourism”, and hosted the “Conference of Bird Rescue”. Meanwhile, other research projects include “Ornithological Survey of the Greater Taipei Area”, “Monitoring of Poultry Flu”, and “Ornithological Survey of Parks”.
▎Long-term Ornithological Survey of the Dansui River
  Sponsored by the Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government, and CIBA Vision, WBST has conducted ornithological surveys of the Dansui River since 1992. This long-term research result was the concrete foundation we used to propose to the government that the Guandu Nature Reserve and Hua-Jiang Waterfowl Park be established. This project has been conducted for over ten years, and is presently, ongoing (although currently without any sponsorship) in order to establish a long-term database of birds on the Dansui River.
■ Wild Bird Rescue
  After establishing the Wild Bird Rescue Center and the Wild Bird Medical Station, we have continuously trained volunteers all over Taiwan to help cope with a vast number of bird rescue cases. According to statistics from the Wild Bird Rescue Center of WBST, it has received about 6000 injured/sick wild birds in over ten years. The number of injured/sick birds received by the Center has been increasing to currently about 600 birds each year. We now have four veterinary clinics providing free assistance.