Education & Promotion
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■ Education and Promotion
▎Weekly/Monthly Birdwatching Trips
  Since 1973, WBST have been conducting weekly Sunday birdwatching trips, in which volunteers serve as guides to help the public with birdwatching in Taipei’s suburbs. In addition, the “Chinese Bulbul Club” (established in 1996) also conducts monthly weekday birdwatching trips for senior citizens. Since 1999, the WBST has also been conducting Saturday birdwatching trips every other Saturday.
▎Guided Tours/ Domestic Trips/ Overseas Trips
  During the migratory season (from autumn to spring), we have guided tours in Guandu Nature Park and Hua-Jhiang Waterfowl Park. We also hold a wide variety of domestic and overseas ecologically oriented trips.
▎Summer and Winter Eco-Camps for Children and Teenagers
  Since 1989, we have hosted summer and winter camps for children annually, and they have been very popular. In addition, we also offer a substantial number of lectures and field trips to Guandu, Hua-Jiang Bridge, and other areas in the Taipei suburbs for local schools.
▎Birdwatching Festivals/Fairs in the Spring and Autumn
  Since 1981, WBST has hosted the annual “Guandu Waterbird Festival” during the migratory season in spring and autumn, which attracts thousands of people every year. In 1999, this event was further enlarged to the “Guandu International Birdwatching Fair”, attracting more people to participate in this event held from the Guandu Embankment to Guandu Nature Park. Every year, thousands of geese and ducks spend the winter in Hua-Jhiang Waterfowl Park. WBST has also hosted waterfowl festivals here since 1988.
▎Education and Training
In order to upgrade the quality of volunteer service, we recruit and select volunteers annually. Through the training course of “Yuhina Class” (for more than six months), we hope to enhance guides’ expertise in ornithology and a spirit of service.
■ Publications
▎Booklets and Leaflets on Wild Birds
  Sponsored by various governmental departments (e.g., the Department of Economic Development of the Taipei City Government, the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan, the National Park Administration of the Construction and Planning Agency of Ministry of Interior, etc.), we have published a series of books and pamphlets (in Chinese) on Guandu Nature Park, Flying Colors--Taipei Birdwatching Manual, Guide to Bird Resources in Taroko National Park, Flying Feathers in the Mountain--Wild Birds in Yanmingshan National Park, etc.
▎Publications on Ecotourism
  For foreign birdwatchers, we published two English leaflets Top 10 Taiwan Birdwatching Spots and Top 10 Taipei Birdwatching Spots, and a guidebook on birding sites, Birdwatching in Taiwan.
▎Guidebooks on Nature
  Meanwhile, we have published various guidebooks (in Chinese) such as 100 Common Birds of Taiwan, 31 Common Frogs of Taiwan, 120 Common Dragonflies of Taiwan, and 132 Common Beetles of Taiwan for beginners; we also have 100 Common Birds of Taiwan in English.
▎Leaflets and Manuals on Bird Rescue
  With the increase in birdrescue cases, we have consulted bird societies in Japan, many experienced veterinarians, and rescue volunteers to publish a Leaflet on Wild Bird Rescue and Manual on Wild Bird Rescue. We hope more volunteers will join us in rescuing birds.