Education & Promotion
Cooperative Interactions
Nature Conservation
Consulting Services

■ Consulting Services
  To offer services for members and nature lovers, we sell birdwatching gear, books on nature, CDs, DVDs, and nature handicrafts. In addition, we provide consulting services and reference books with information on wild birds.
■ Member’s Rights and Obligations
▎Member Rights
  – Will receive two monthlies, Yuhina Post and Fei-yu.
  – Will have priority to attend activities held by the WBST, and will receive discounts when purchasing birdwatching gear and books.
  – Will have priority to attend monthly lectures.
  – Can borrow books, tapes, and videotapes for free.
▎Member Obligations
  – Abide by the “Bird-Watcher’s Self-Discipline Agreement” and support the WBST’s claim for conservation with actions.
  – Become a guardian of birds and nature and submit to the WBST your observation records for our computerized database of wild birds.
  – Pay the annual membership fee.
  – Attend the annual members’ convention.